It is already obvious that Canadians love to shop online. The population shopping online has significantly gone up in the past few years.

This steady rise in online shopping is indeed due to the convenience and broader reach. The interesting fact about online shopping is that even B2B transactions have also gone up. This post familiarizes you with top trends of digital shopping.

Amazon Will Dominate the Journey of Growth

More than half of the Canadians visit every month to buy. Looking at the past and recent records, Amazon is going to stay one of the dominant retail e-commerce. A very large number of buyers are directly visiting while searching for products.

At the same time, buyers looking for products through Google are also most likely to buy from Amazon is also attracting a large number of teenagers due to Amazon prime account.We surely cannot ignore Amazon while learning about digital shopping trends in Canada.

Top Shopping Categories of Canadian Digital Shoppers

As of 2020, the top shopping categories of Canadian consumers are diverse and yet specific. Here is a list of top digital purchases people make.

  1. Apparel
  2. Travel Related Services
  3. Household items
  4. Books
  5. Entertainment (shows and games tickets)
  6. Electronics
  7. Government services

If we go a little further, people in Canada also pay for online music, videos, and Television. With newer electronic devices, online sales for electronics are seeing a definite rise.

Brick and Mortar Businesses Going Two-Way

With online purchases at their peak, physical stores are making two-way sales. Many businesses are either partnering with other e-commerce or having their own store. While they are also having their physical outlets, they are also conveniently selling through various online selling options.

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This looks exciting especially for small brands and start-ups. If you are an unknown brand, you can use a broader market offered by e-commerce. The small businesses can further boost their local sales by reinforcing their online sales.

With this trend, buyers will get the advantage of buying online from their trusted stores. The trend has started and we may see the unveiling of combining different sales channels. 

Free and Faster Shipping

Free shipping and fast shipping are no more bonuses. They are new rules for online shoppers. Hence, e-commerce in Canada is looking to make shipping even faster.

Around 80% of online stores are already offering free delivery. Making it faster is a new big thing.

E-commerce giant Amazon is exploring the newest logistic options to make deliveries faster than before.  Hence, it is clear that free and fast shipping is going to the topmost essentialities for online stores. Canadian buyers are getting smarter and will not give place to sluggish deliveries.

Canada is a hothouse for digital stores and consumers love discovering new products like voice assistants. Above online shopping trends will continue to impact the e-commerce industry. The coming years are sure to bring new extents to online shopping in Canada.

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