What is in-store marketing?

In a marketing campaign there are several steps before a sale is realized. Product is promoted by generating enough curiosity about the product, so that the customer comes to store to experience it. In-Store marketing begins when the customer is in the store to experience the product. In-Store marketing strategies increase engagement with the customer and help complete the sale.

In-Store Marketing Tools

The following tools and solutions are designed to increase customer engagement.

  • In-Store Signage and Shelf Talkers

This display is used to communicate special offers and features of the product. It helps differentiate the product from its competitors.

  • In-Store Displays

Stretch fabric signs, back lit signs, and banners etc. are some examples of In-Store Displays. They highlight products and help improve visibility.

  • Product Placement

Premium products are often placed at eye level in the store. It improves product visibility.

  • In-Store Promotions

Promotions in the store attract new customers and helps brands to connect with the customers and the community. It increases connections and improves customer loyalty.

In-Store Marketing in Brand Building

In-store marketing builds brands. It improves the customer experience in the following ways:

  • In-Store Ambience

The right ambience allows the customer to relax and experience the merchandise comfortably. A relaxed customer spends more time in the store and that increases the probability of more sales and customer loyalty.

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  • In-Store technology

With faster check out experiences, more engaging displays, faster pick-ups and personalized offers are some technologies which help improve customer experience and loyalty.

  • In-Store Staff

A well trained staff which can answer all customer questions can definitely help improve the brand experience. Moreover a well-organized store and a spotless display of merchandise indicate brand excellence.

  • Loyalty and Reward Programs

Loyalty and Reward Programs are an amazing way to make customers feel special. The benefits of these cards accrue over time as the customer shops In-Store. More shopping means more benefits. Thus increasing brand loyalty.

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