Lighting has always been the key in gredient which influences our everyday emotions. Take weather for instance: bright sunny mornings symbolize positivity and energy, whereas, dark rainy weather represents gloom.Candle light dinners imply a warm, intimate, charged up emotion, while Moonlight brings out a cool,intimate and relaxed emotion. There is ample scientific evidence to suggest that appropriate lighting can help arouse the desired emotions. Retail store planners have recognized this fact and have always acknowledged lighting as a key element for designing the overall customer experience. 

Lighting is used to realize several objectives, like creating a soothing ambience, attracting customers into the store, highlighting a particular product and guiding customers in the stores.

There are four main types of lighting in store:

  1. Ambient Lighting
  2. Highlight Lighting
  3. Functional Lighting
  4. Ornamental Lighting

Ambient Lighting sets the mood of the store; it helps create the brand experience. Customers often prefer retail stores whose brand experience resonates with themselves; this makes them more relaxed and are likely to spend more time in the store, which results in more sales.

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As the name suggests, highlight lighting is used to draw attention to a particular product or information. All products which are of significance and the retail stores want customers to experience them with heightened awareness are displayed with highlight lighting.

Functional Lighting is used for areas in the store which require more light than the ambient store lighting. This is often used near cashiers, trial rooms, store windows and entrance. Lighting can also be used to guide the customer through the store, by using a combination of different lights to highlight the path and areas of significance in the store.

Ornamental lighting is generally chandeliers, stings or special lighting fixtures which are decorative and add more character to the store. They are often used in store windows and the entrance area.

The optimum combination of lighting would result in a pleasant experience, which will be created with a combination of lighting, of different levels of brightness, to accentuate the key areas and still maintain the overall vibe of the store. It stimulates the customer’s subconscious mind and influences their overall brand experience.

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