Luxury Vintage Collection

Any vintage design is about finding the right balance between elegant sophistication of the past and uber-chic design, currently in vogue. At Fermos, we express this rumination by blending beautiful designs, impeccable craftsmanship and finest materials to give shape to our Luxury Vintage Collection.  

Luxury Vintage Tables

In our quest to establish a new icon, our designers went above and beyond. Their single minded focus, to express their vision of beauty beyond imagination, gave birth to these unique statement pieces.  

Luxury Vintage Racks

The creation of these Luxury Vintage Racks is to create a statement. Luxury Vintage Racks stand strong; creating an aura, captivating an audience. Their commanding presence adds character to floor space, making them an impeccable addition to all retro/vintage themed retail and commercial spaces.  

Vintage Hardware

Harmonious collaboration of functionality, design and great workmanship is the foundation of every single piece made by Fermos. Vintage Hardware is the bridge between operational functionality and striking design.  


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