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GlobalShop 2019 (now incarnated as RetailX) clearly echoed the ongoing transformation of retail industry in both, physical and digital forms. It was pleasant to see how creative designing and engineering has brought high-end, interactive and attractive digital media to an affordable level. The retail space is all about visuals and elevated experience. Back-lit graphics on stretched fabric with some level of interactive and transitioning elements were found in all shapes and forms. The reality of the e-commerce boom was well reflected at the show as 60% of the floor was occupied by some of the major players in the segment such as Walmart Online, Amazon, Alibaba, Canada Post, and FedEX to name but a few. The two opposites – the new physical (enriched with visual and customer-experience-centric elements) and digital are now young adults. If these two had a baby, we will have a channel that will provide a full-service experience, with product information, accessibility, pricing, and availability.

Video with important  highlights of the show: