Bridging the Gap between Online and Brick & Mortar
April 18, 2023

Bridging the Gap between Online and Brick & Mortar

Online shopping is evolving every day. Consumers are being indulged by designing a convenient shopping experience. For brick and mortar stores, it’s an ever concerning challenge as online shopping continues to expand its market share. Forward-thinking retailers understand that creating a positive customer experience is the key to brick and mortars’ survival. Consumer experience has to be reimagined at the store level.

Retailers are already investing on an elaborate web presence. Also, they recognise the potential of an optimized store network, which would evolve from capturing sales, to becoming nodes of distribution (for online orders) and experience centers. Adapting this view will merge the convenience of online ordering platforms, with extremely efficient delivery system. At Fermos, we share the same vision.

For retail, we have the most comprehensive portfolio of tools, frameworks and infrastructure. Our Online-Offline 360 solution is a modular platform, to help every retail organization digitally transform. Our Online-Offline 360 solution seamlessly integrates three major tools to meet specific customer needs – to develop fully transactional and integrated web presence with retail stores, three step online order pick up and last mile delivery solution.    

We understand that retail chains will use multiple platforms from multiple vendors, and interoperability will be essential. So our every platform, reinforces the other, but is completely independent in operation. 

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