Gondola a versatile and economic way of merchandising
September 19, 2023

Gondola – a versatile and economic way of merchandising!

A gondola is a kind of shelf used most commonly in retail stores and malls. Gondola shelves are floor mounted shelves with a firm vertical backbone. Often, there are shelves on both sides of this vertical panel, to create more storage space. Gondola shelves are easy to move about the place, and equally easy to readjust, because of their freestanding structure.

As a store owner, there are several reasons why gondola shelves are likely to appeal to your sensibilities;

  • First and foremost, gondolas are versatile and economic.
  • Two sided gondola shelves allow you to create isles within your retail store, and the width of these isles can be made larger or smaller, depending on your store space.
  • Because gondola shelves don’t require wall-mounting of any kind, it is easy to install them by yourself very quickly. This saves time and money.
  • Gondola shelves can easily be adjusted as often as you like. Adjusting gondola shelves is very easy and hassle-free. Further, there’s a wide variety of gondola shelves available in the market. You can select gondola racks based on the product types, sizes, shapes, and weights in your store.
  • Special gondola racks are available for drugstores, grocery stores, supermarkets, garment shops, fabric shops, toy stores, hardware stores, hobby shops, and more.
  • A large number of display accessories are compatible with gondola shelves. Some of these are — hanging pegs, hooks, wire baskets, dividers, and display lighting.

Now that we’ve discussed a little bit about the versatility and economic benefits of gondola shelves, the next step is to decide what kind of gondola shelving solution you need for your specific use case.

At Fermos, we’re in the business of delivering customized retail solutions for your store, no matter how big or small it is. Get on a call with our purchase consultant and tell us more about your shelving needs. We’ll curate a customized solution for your retail outlet and handle all the tedious details for you.

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